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Here’s you’ll find a collection of random quotes, thoughts, and events as seen through the IRC log. Those who may be easily offended or don’t like to
have a good time probably aren’t looking at this page so we won’t bother making any disclaimers (other than that the views/thoughts/ideas expressed
are the property of the asshole in the brackets!).


[13:22] <@_phUzz_> !!!!

[13:23] <@defunkt> Operant conditioning was discovered by BF Skinner who experimented with rats – in a cage with a lever, when they pressed the lever they d get a food pellet. They d press the lever to get a pellet until they were sated. Then he changed the schedule, first to five presses, which they learned, and then to random.

[13:23] <@defunkt> When it changed to random the rats became obsessed with the lever, pressing and pressing, and stockpiling food that they didn t need and continuing to press even when the food reward was no longer forthcoming.

[13:23] <@_phUzz_> COCAINE

[13:23] <@_phUzz_> ALCOHOL

[13:23] <@_phUzz_> NICOTINE

[13:24] <@chris> WoW

[13:24] <@defunkt> HEROIN

[13:24] <@chris> IRC

[13:24] <@defunkt> yah

[13:24] <@defunkt> thats totaly irc

[13:24] <@_phUzz_> tech house tracks + drug vocals > *

[13:24] <@chris> if our WoW guild ever falls apart, we’ll name the new one Operant Conditioning ๐Ÿ™‚
[13:24] <@_phUzz_> omg

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> how do you have time for wow when theres #vv

[13:25] <@defunkt> This is like us with irc – we get nice messages from people, but randomly. We like these nice messages, so we check our irc window over and over just in case those nice messages turn up and we become obsessed, like Skinners rats.

[13:25] <@UU7> NO

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> no

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> not true

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> cause there are NEVER nice messages in here

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> ๐Ÿ˜€

[13:25] <@defunkt> are u saying you can just walk away?

[13:25] <@UU7> lol

[13:25] <@defunkt> ohi

[13:25] <@chris> i vv at day and wow at night ๐Ÿ™‚

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> its the opposite

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> irc is like

[13:25] <@UU7> DIE YOU FUCKS

[13:25] <@_phUzz_> a rat that can press a button and get punched in the face

[13:25] <@defunkt> hahaha

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> does the rat keep coming back

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> well we do

[13:26] <@UU7> I’ll sack punch you next time

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> lol

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> vvemfbeats

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> ILLICITELY ABUSED

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> ILLICITELY ABUSED

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> ILLICITELY ABUSED

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> ILLICITELY ABUSED

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> ILLICITELY ABUSED

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> fade

[13:26] <@_phUzz_> owt

[13:26] <@defunkt> haha

[15:45] <def-work> omg

[15:45] <def-work> OMG

[15:45] <def-work> new pc is in

[15:45] <def-work> *&#$)*&^%(&*^%

[15:45] <UU7_> ??!?!?@?@!?@?!?#?@!?!#?

[15:45] <UU7_> OMFG

[15:45] <UU7_> (&@*$^&%^

[15:45] <def-work> LCD

[15:45] <def-work> this is like christmas

[15:45] <def-work> fucking a man

[15:45] <UU7_> OMG


[15:46] <def-work> hehehe

[15:46] <def-work> werd

[15:46] <def-work> i just have to back up like 20gb

[15:46] <def-work> hrm

[15:46] <sunrinse> canadians invented the light bulb 4

years before edison’s developers did

[15:46] <sunrinse> BURN

[15:46] <_phUzz_> LCD makes you think of fucking a man at


[15:46] <_phUzz_> sick

[15:46] <amb_> [15:49:11] <def-work> fucking a


[15:46] <amb_> hahahahahahaha

[15:47] <_phUzz_> DING DEF DING!

[15:47] * def-work shakes his head

[15:47] <_phUzz_> DING DEF DING!

[15:47] <_phUzz_> DING DEF DING!

[15:47] <_phUzz_> DING DEF DING!

[15:47] <_phUzz_> DING DEF DING!

[15:47] * UU7_ changes topic to ‘[15:50] <amb_> [15:49:11]

<def-work> fucking a man’

[15:47] <def-work> <3

[15:47] <def-work> i love this #

[15:47] <_phUzz_> apparently you do

[15:47] <amb_> <3

[17:09] <@defunkt_> is streaming: (Paul Van Dyk – Live at Casino

Berlin) ยค Streaming From: (VinylVortex Studio 420

[vinylvortex.com]) ยค BitRate: (160kbps) ยค Sample Rate:


[17:10] <@_phUzz_> hi

[17:10] <@defunkt_> this is a good fucking mix

[17:10] <@_phUzz_> yer a good fucking mix

[17:10] <@_phUzz_> of gary and cheese

[17:10] <@defunkt_> me likie

[17:10] <@_phUzz_> hey mikey

[17:10] <@_phUzz_> he likes it

[17:10] <@defunkt_> <3

[17:10] <@_phUzz_> <9

[17:11] <@defunkt_> <0

[17:11] <@defunkt_> you’re so negative

[17:11] <@defunkt_> teehee

[17:11] <@_phUzz_> hey

[17:11] <@_phUzz_> im not negative

[17:11] <@_phUzz_> im positively inverted


insert 2mb of text floods in god awful colors, bold/underline, explative

filled, yumminess


[23:16] <@__Maad__> this never gets boring

[23:16] <@__Maad__> ever

[23:16] <@defunkt_> i know

[23:16] <@_phUzz_> EVER

[23:16] <@__Maad__> haha

[23:16] <@defunkt_> i’m laffing my ass off right now

[23:16] <@__Maad__> we should do this “IRL” some


[23:16] <@defunkt_> my roommmate just came in to see wtf was going


[23:16] <@defunkt_> um

[23:16] <@__Maad__> we’d have to draw up an idea of what an

“IRL” equivalent of this would be

[23:16] <@_phUzz_> yes well all sit around and say the same words

over and over

[23:16] <@__Maad__> but seriously

[23:16] <@defunkt_> maciek

[23:17] <@__Maad__> we gotta do it

[23:17] <@defunkt_> explain to me in all seriousness

[23:17] <@__Maad__> yeZZ

[23:17] <@defunkt_> how we could recreate IRL our irc color BS


[23:17] <@UU7> FLASH CARDS


[23:18] <@__Maad__> everybody brings a monopoly set and a risk set

and we spend time whipping the pieces at eachother with rage

11:26| (@_phUzz_) this track has A+ potential

11:26| (@_phUzz_) the potential bowl exists

11:26| (@_phUzz_) but will it be filled

11:26| (+def-werk) i have potential bowel movements

11:26| (@_phUzz_) haha

11:26| (@UU7_werk) uh oh

11:27| (@UU7_werk) phantom urinater

11:27| (@UU7_werk) phantom urinater

11:27| (@UU7_werk) phantom urinater

11:27| (@UU7_werk) phantom urinater

11:27| (@_phUzz_) i pee on the seat

11:27| (+def-werk) fucker

11:27| (@_phUzz_) its funny

11:27| (@_phUzz_) cause then ppl like you take a hussy

11:27| (+def-werk) hussy

11:27| (+def-werk) fuckoff

11:27| (@_phUzz_) hahahaha

11:27| (+def-werk) just for that

11:27| (+def-werk) i’m leaving for lunch

11:27| (+def-werk) right now

11:27| (@_phUzz_) FINE

11:27| (+def-werk) i havent done anything all day

11:27| (+def-werk) no worker bee

11:28| (+def-werk) so dont bzzz me for going home now

11:28| (@_phUzz_) bzzzzz

11:28| (+def-werk) for lunch

11:28| (@_phUzz_) sure